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2032 Coral.jpg

Level 1 - Coral

Any style Motionwear leotard - Coral color - Optional color matched ballet skirt


Level 3 - Teal

Any style Motionwear leotard - Teal color - Optional color matched ballet skirt


Dance Shorts


Level 1 - Coral; Level 2 - Royal Blue; Level 3 - Teal; Level 4 - Raspberry; Level 5 - Any Color

Screen Shot 2018-01-04 at 11.26.07 AM.pn

Hair in a Bun

Hair in a bun or pulled away from face if too short for a bun


Level 2 - Royal Blue

Any style Motionwear leotard - Royal Blue color - Optional color matched ballet skirt

2032 Rasp.jpg

Level 4 - Raspberry

Any style Motionwear leotard - Raspberry color - Optional color matched ballet skirt


Tan Leather Jazz Shoes

Tan Leather Jazz Shoes

Screen Shot 2018-01-04 at 10.30.37 AM.pn


Black Dance Shorts or Leggings and White, Black or Gray Dance Shirt


Level 5 - Black

Any style Motionwear leotard - Black color - Optional ANY COLOR ballet skirt

Dance Top.jpg

Dance Top

Any style fitted dance top in lieu of leotard in class color code worn with class color code dance shorts.

Theatricals Tan Convertible Tights.jpg

Tan Tights

Tan tights (footed or convertible) if not wearing dance shorts with class color code leotard or dance top. If wearing dance shorts, tights are optional.

Black Pulse Jazz Shoe.jpg


Black Leather Jazz Shoes

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