If you suspect that your child's costume may require some type of alteration, please check with their instructor first.


Do not safety pin your child's costume.


This is most time consuming for the backstage volunteers assisting your child and chances are the safety pin will "pop" open while your child is performing on stage.


HANG ALL COSTUMES IN AN APPROPRIATE PLACE WHILE AT HOME. NOT IN AREAS WHERE ANIMALS CAN DAMAGE THE COSTUMES. Damaged costumes will result in a repair fee or replacement fee being charged to your ISPA account.


Cats love to play in tutus! 

DO NOT WASH TIGHTS IN WASHING MACHINE unless in a hosiery bag. 


Washing machines will cause pull beads on the tights and will loosen the fibers causing them to run.


Do not let your child sit on sidewalks, concrete, unpainted wood, etc.


These areas will cause the tights to have pull beads as well.

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