So you want to be a Backstage Parent!

Awesome! Just complete the short info form and we will be in touch!

Why should I be a Backstage Parent?

Each year at our Year End Recital, we seek to make the backstage experience for our dancers of all ages as positive, safe, and enjoyable as possible. 

In order to do this, we need parent helpers to volunteer in assisting with bathroom visits, keeping the class together, and getting the dancers ready when it is their turn to perform.  You will also be with the class to escort them to and from the stage.


It is a delight and lots of fun to be backstage with the children.  There is another kind of show behind the scenes!  

You will be with the children from your child's class for the entire time of the show and be in the wings while they perform so you see them up close and personal!  

It is fun and rewarding to volunteer your time and efforts to the backstage team.  Without your help the show would not go on!   We need a minimum of two volunteers per class please.


All backstage volunteers do not buy a ticket to the performance


THANK YOU for helping us create a safe and happy environment for the dancers!


We will hold a Backstage Parent meeting to give you some valuable information to help you. Thank You.

Each class will need 2 backstage volunteers assigned to them. This is critical to the performance in helping students change costumes, potty breaks and keep them entertained while backstage.

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