Costumes with Fringe:


If your child's costume comes with fringe trim, you will notice a string at the bottom of the fringe trim. This keeps the fringe trim together and from getting tangled during packaging. Prior to pictures or performance, you will need to pull this string to release the fringe. Afterwards, you will need to store this costume in a plastic bag by itself so the fringe does not become tangled with other costume pieces.

Costumes with Sequins:


It is highly likely that your child's costume will be adorned with sequins of some sort. Yes they are itchy and scratchy and uncomfortable. If you child complains of such discomfort, please check with an ISPA staff member for assistance. Should you see that the costume has a few clear threads hanging, please DO NOT PULL THE THREADS. It will insecure the sequins. Consult an ISPA staff member for help.

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