How Can I Prepare my Child for dance class.........


Come early for your first class!


Help them get acquainted with their new space and instructor!


Talk about it at home!


The more you discuss the format of class, and expectations, with your dancer the better!


Remind them that mommy/daddy stay OUTSIDE the classroom during dance class.


We should also be talking to them about classroom behavior (e.g. listening to their instructor, taking turns with other dancers, etc.).


One of the biggest things our young dancers learn isn't even dancer related.


We teach our young dancers basic social and classroom skills to help prepare them for pre-school and kindergarten. 


Come to class on a consistent basis!


Consistency is key at a young age.


The more they are able to keep their weekly schedule, the better they will do in class. 


Be on time to class!


We realize that sometimes things happen that may cause delays in getting to class, however, being on time is HUGE!


Having them be there from the time the teacher calls them in, takes role, and gets class started helps in setting their expectations and behaviors for class.


When a dancer is late, they lose those first moments of preparation which can impact their entire class and their behavior. 

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