Pre-Pointe & Pointe

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Level 1 - Coral

Any style Motionwear leotard - Coral color - Optional color matched ballet skirt

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Level 4 - Raspberry

Any style Motionwear leotard - Raspberry color - Optional color matched ballet skirt

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Pink Tights

Pink Tights can be footed or convertible

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Black Dance Shorts or Leggings and White, Black or Gray Dance Shirt


Level 2 - Royal Blue

Any style Motionwear leotard - Royal Blue color - Optional color matched ballet skirt


Level 5 - Black

Any style Motionwear leotard - Black color - Optional ANY COLOR ballet skirt


Pink Pointe Shoes

Pink Pointe Shoes. Must be professionally fitted and obtain instructor's permission.

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Black Split Sole Ballet Shoes (Leather or Canvas)


Level 3 - Teal

Any style Motionwear leotard - Teal color - Optional color matched ballet skirt

Screen Shot 2018-01-04 at 10.49.05

Motionwear Ballet Skirt 


Level 1 - Coral; Level 2 - Royal Blue; Level 3 - Teal; Level 4 - Raspberry; Level 5 - Any Color

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Hair in a Bun

Hair in a bun or pulled away from face if too short for a bun

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