Private Lessons

Private Lessons are available ISPA students and others. Private lessons are an option to advance your skills and techniques by a professional dancer. We offer private lessons in all genres of dance including dance team prep, dance company auditions and individual auditions. We provide private lessons for individuals as well as small groups. Private lessons are available for .5 hour @ $30 or a full hour @ $60. .Please complete the following request form and we will get back with you. Your information will be entered into our studio software. You will be notified to access the Parent Portal to complete the enrollment for the private lessons.




Private lessons are paid in full prior to the class.

Once your private class has been scheduled, payment is due.

There are no refunds.

No-shows are not refundable.

If you have to cancel a private class, YOU MUST CONTACT THE STUDIO 24 HOURS PRIOR.

This is so the private lesson can be rescheduled with the instructor(s).


What genre of Dance?

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