Recital Information

Recital General Info

  • Island School of Performing Art's 2019 annual recital will be "Once Upon A Dream" on November 23, 2019 with three  performances: 10:30am (preschoolers)(doors open at 10:00am), 12:15pm (preschoolers) (doors open at 11:45am)  & 5:00pm (doors open at 4:30pm).

  • ISPA's RECITAL SEASON is July - November. Our annual recitals are the weekend BEFORE Thanksgiving Break.

  • MANDATORY STUDIO & DRESS REHEARSALS are scheduled the week prior to the Saturday recital.


  • Your dancer may have a Studio Rehearsal, a Stage Rehearsal (at the auditorium) and then the performance(s). IDC dancers are in every performance.

  • All classes will perform in the recital with the exception of Ballet Progressing & Pre-Pointe.

  • Some dancers may have more than one dance in a show.

Recital Tickets

  •  All recital seats are general admission.

  • Recital tickets are available in the studio during studio hours or you may purchase them online.  (Shop for Recital)

  • Active Island Families participating in the recital will have the opportunity to claim their tickets in Ocotober, 2019. 

  • There are three recital performances: 10:30am, 12:15pm & 5:00pm.

  • Doors will open 30 minutes prior to each performance.

  • You must have your ticket with you. ISPA is not responsible for LOST or FORGOTTEN tickets.

  • There are no refunds on purchased tickets.

  • Tickets are required for ages 3 & up.

  • Performance dancers & backstage volunteers are not required to purchase a ticket.

  • Ticket sale at the venue door are not guaranteed.

Recital Venue

  • The recital will be NOVEMBER 23, 2019 at the Gulfport High School located at 100 Perry Street, right off of Courthouse Rd.

Recital Rehearsal Requirements

  • Bring all your dance shoes to rehearsal.

  • Do NOT wear your dance shoes on the concrete, pavement, asphalt, grass, etc. You will ruin your shoes. 

  • No food or sticky drinks are allowed at rehearsals. Bottled water is acceptable.

  • Wear comfortable dance wear, bring all dance shoes and a bottle of water.

  • For Dress rehearsal, come dressed in tights, hair and makeup done.

  • Wear flip flops, sneakers, dance booties or some other type of shoe to rehearsal. There are great makeup and hair bun tutorials on our website.


Recital Studio Rehearsal

  • No costumes or makeup are  required.

  • Rehearsal allows your dancer to mark their place, rehearse their choreography, mark their music cues, change lines, etc

  • For a stage rehearsal your dancer will need comfortable dance wear and ALL their dance shoes.

  • You will be given a schedule for rehearsal

  • YOUR dancer's STAGE rehearsal will take place at the ISPA studio!

  • You will have to sign in and sign out your dancer. We thank you for your patience.

Recital Dress Rehearsal

  • A dress rehearsal is like a stage rehearsal, but we will rehearse the entire show just as if it was the day/night of the actual performance. Complete with costumes, hair done, make up, props, accessories, backstage volunteers, etc.

  • DRESS rehearsal allows everyone to work out any hiccups that could occur such as stage lighting, timing, music, curtain closures/openings, etc.

  • Everyone involved with the show should be present for this rehearsal. It is a rehearsal for the dancers as well as the entire backstage KREWE!

  • Dancers are to CHECK IN at the WEST side door of the OLD BAND HALL aka STRINGS ROOM approximately 30 minutes prior to their show: 10:30 am show - arrive at 10:00am, 12:15pm show - arrive at 11:45am &  5:00pm show - arrive at 4:30pm.

  • REMEMBER: Costumes are NOT to go home. ! They are the sole property of Island School of Performing Arts.

  • You will have to sign in and sign out your dancer. We thank you for your patience.


Recital Audience Etiquette

  • You, your family and friends are here to see YOUR dancer do their best in their performance.

  • Please NO BALLOONS

  • We do not allow any electronic devices (IPads, cell phones, or other electronic devices) that make sound or bright lights. This is disruptive to the performers and others around you.

  • We present a professional performance.

  • We ask that everyone remain seated during the entire performance. If you must leave the auditorium during the show, please try to exit during a break in the performance.

  • BE AWARE: We have been known to have dancers and performers in the audience and auditorium aisles.

  • Parents with infants and toddlers, try to exit quickly with your child if he/she should become upset as it is a distraction for the audience and the performers on the stage.

  • Everyone should remain seated during the performance.

  • Ages 3 & up should be in their own seat.

  • No running up and down the auditorium aisles.

  • There is no intermission.

  • All of our dancers will return to the stage for the finale and final bow.

  • We ask that you do not come to the stage to retrieve your dancers. We have a formal exit plan for all dancers and we appreciate that you abide by our plan. This is for the safety of YOUR children.

  • We thank you for your cooperation and your patience.

Performance Day

  • Auditorium Seating is General Admission.

  • Everyone attending the performance(s) will receive an ISPA Playbill.


  • If your dancer is in all THREE shows, we highly encourage packing water, snacks and a LUNCH for them to eat between shows. Make sure their name is marked on all items.

  • WE STRONGLY ENCOURAGE THAT DANCERS DO NOT LEAVE TO OBTAIN FOOD. Accidents happen: vehicle breaks down, flat tire, heavy traffic, etc.

  • Pack extra clothes & shoes for your dancer to change out of their costume after the performance. REMEMBER: You will not be able to leave with a costume.

  • Do NOT bring toys, stuffed animals, blankets, electronic games, Ipads or any other electronic devices to the dressing room (band hall).

  • ISPA & Krewe are not responsible for any items that may become lost, damaged or stolen.

  • There will be a large TV monitor in the dressing room with a live stream of the performance.

  • Only FEMALE parents/guardians are allowed in the dressing room. DANCERS ARE CHANGING CLOTHES. Please be respectful.

  • Male parents/guardians plan for your dancer to have a FEMALE companion to bring her to and from the dressing room.

  • There will be some type of check in/check out system of children in the dressing room.

  • Parents will not be able to stay backstage with their dancers during the performance.

  • Please do not bring any siblings into the dressing rooms unless they are performing.

  • Our male performers will have their own dressing room. Please ask an ISPA Krewe member for the directions to the male dressing area.

  • Label all of your items with your dancer’s name and/or initials including the clear garment bag or clear plastic tote. You can even make a “fun” craft activity by decorating your garment bag or tote!






There will be extra flower bouquets for sale in the auditorium front lobby. 

Ticket sales at the front door are not guaranteed.

Additional items will be for sale by Backstage Boutique.

Dancer Recital Requirements

  • All Preschoolers (Footprints) hairstyle is 1/2 up & 1/2 down. No Buns

  • All Leveled dancers hair should be in a bun for performing; not on top of the head. 

  • Hair spray, Hair GelBobby pins

  • No other hair accessories are necessary other than maybe a hair net to keep the fly away hairs controlled.

  • If you choose to use a hair net, please make sure it is the same color as your dancer’s hair.

  • Please do not place a black hair net on a blonde haired dancer.

  • You can use bobby pins to secure the hair. No barrettes, braids, beads, decorative ponytail holders, hair extensions, headbands, hair or body glitter, hair jewels, feathers or abnormal hair colors are allowed.

  • Make up (please do not share makeup).Dancers are encouraged to wear make up as the stage lights tend to “wash out” the dancers while performing. Recital approved colors are red lipstick for leveled dancers and pink lipstick for Footprints (preschool). Pink blush, purple or brown eye shadow; no blue. Light BLACK mascara.    

  • No artificial nails, nail jewelry or nail color allowed.

  • No tattoos or body piercings.

  • Recital approved earrings are acceptable.

  • No other jewelry allowed.

  • PLAN! Do not wait until the day of recital to gather all of your supplies.

  • Refer to the list under the Costumes” tab on our website for a list of optional items to have on hand for your dancer or the end of the ISPA Recital Guide for a handy dandy dancer recital checklist.

  • Being Prepared For A Recital Requires  Preparation In A Timely Manner By The Parent And Dancer



Taking Photos/Video during Performances

  • The use of video or photography equipment especially flash photography is strictly prohibited during the performance.

  • It is very important to pass this policy on to your recital guests.

  • We have special needs dancers performing who are light sensitive and the flash photography can cause great harm to these dancers.

  • Please be respectful.

  • We have a strict no photography/video rule during a performance because of the privacy of the dancers performing. Although you may think you are only taking a picture or filming your dancer, chances are you have unknowingly captured someone else’s dancer in the same shot.

  • Many of our dancers have a no photo request. Please be respectful.

  • We have a professional videographer filming the performance.

  • You will see 2-3 professional photographers around the audience, on the stage and backstage taking professional photographs of your dancers. These will be made available to you once editing has been completed. It usually takes up to 6 weeks after the performances to allow for editing of the performance videos and photographs. 

  • Security will be throughout the auditorium to make sure there are no video or photography taken.

  • This rule applies to all cell phones, IPads, smart tablets, cameras, video recorders or any other electronic device capable of capturing pictures or video.

  • You will be asked to leave if you are seen taking pictures or video. There is no re-admission or refund if you are asked to leave.

  • Please make sure your family members and friends are informed of these rules!

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