Withdrawal Form

This form is intended to withdraw a student from Island School of Performing Arts.

Two weeks notice from the 1st of the month is required to discontinue classes for the following month. Anyone providing withdrawal notice AFTER the 15th of the month will be responsible for all tuition fees due. There are no refunds. 


If a student drops after the month's tuition payment, any remaining credit will be considered an ISPA credit good for future fees incurred. No cash refunds. No exceptions.


 Should costumes have already been ordered upon withdrawal, it is understood that the balance of the costume(s) will need to be paid in order to receive the costume(s). There are no refunds regarding costume payments. No exceptions.


If recital souvenirs have already been ordered prior to withdrawal, there will not be any refund towards those items. No exceptions.


Date of withdrawal will be considered the date this form is received by the office.Withdrawal must be done in person or by email. A parent or guardian’s signature must be present on this form to be considered valid.

Please send an email with the following information:

Dancer's Name

Parent's Name

Reason for Withdrawal

Official Date of Withdrawal

Would you like to be contact? If yes, form of contact preferred: Email, Text Message or Telephone

Parent Email Address or Cell Phone Number

PLEASE NOTE: ISPA will NOT contact the parent unless indicated to do so.

If you have an outstanding balance, you will be responsible for that balance before your dancer can be withdrawn.

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