We understand living in a 2 military base community, families are asked to relocate. It is your responsibility to properly notify the studio should you have to withdraw your dancer from his/her class.


Please do not place this responsibility upon your child to notify our staff.

If you have to withdraw AFTER recital items have been  ordered, you will still be responsible for the complete purchase of those items. There are no refunds on ISPA tuition, or recital items once ordered. This includes any Island Dance Company (IDC) payment or costumes that have already been purchased prior to the withdrawal.

All account balances are to be paid upon withdrawal.

Please do not EXPECT our staff to assume that you are  withdrawing just because your dancer is no longer  attending class. Your dancer has been assigned to his/her dance class and many times there is a waiting list for that class. Failure to officially withdraw your dancer will result in a dancer on our waiting list not being able to participate. We still have to pay our instructors even though your dancer did not show for their class time. Monthly fees will still be charged to your  account until you OFFICIALLY notify the studio. You  understand that you will held responsible for all fees up until the studio has been officially notified of your dancer's withdrawal by you.

You understand that any delinquent balance is still YOUR responsibility for payment.

To Compete your dancer's withdrawal process, please contact the studio by telephone or email.

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